Functional Areas

Natural Resource Management and Environment

In a state, with over 60 percent of its area under desert environment and the bulk of its remaining area with less than 60 cm of annual precipitation, water is the most scarce resource and critical to the survival and livelihood of the people of Rajasthan and several other parts of India.

Economic Policies and Strategies

Economic Policies and Strategies has been another important thrust area identified by the Centre for research and dialogues. Apart from economic studies, our activities in this area include policy dialogues, trainings and advocacy

Social Policies: Institutions, Governance and Civil Society

A large number of studies covering different aspects of education, health, empowerment of people,governance and civil society were undertaken by the researchers at the Institute.


The Centre's approach to research studies and dialogues is multi-disciplinary. The inter-disciplinary perspective of the centre is reflected through pluralistic approaches both in substantive and methodological dimensions of enquiry in diverse development issues.

NGO and Panchayati Raj Centre

Apart from the core research oriented areas, the Centre has an important unit called NGO and PR Centre. The NGO and PR Centre was established with a view to maintaining close contacts with NGOs and representatives of PRIs for pursuing a better understanding of development processes, to provide a forum for reasoned debate on issues concerning them and their dialogue with policy planners, experts and thinkers and to strengthen and facilitate the development efforts of NGOs by way of training their personal and information sharing.

Gender Studies

Identification of Women and Gender Issues as a thrust area of studies and dialogues grew out of the recognition of gender based subordination in society - an injustice, which needs to be, countered both at the individual and collective level.